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From Sophie (Rider):
I really like going to riding lessons. When I ride the horse I feel happy and I really like Paddy the pony. I learned lots about horses like how to make them go and stop; how to brush their hair, and some horse parts. I would like to have a horse of my own and I could keep it at my grandpa's. Thank you, Sarah.

From Sophie's Mom:
I am so proud of my daughter and what she has accomplished through the Therapeutic Riding Program. My heart fills to the brim when I see her sitting up strong and proud in the saddle with this amazing grin on her face as she guides the horse around the ring. You can watch her self- esteem grow each time she rides.

From Morgan’s Mom:
Morgan has really enjoyed these past 8 weeks of riding. Now that he is familiar with the routine, he gets very excited with the anticipation that he will be riding the horses. Also, knowing the routine and what is happening he can help by shifting weight or by steadying himself when mounting the horse.

He has had the opportunity to experience an outdoor activity, like riding through the trees and trails, something that he would not normally be exposed to. Morgan has improved his balance and strengthened his leg muscles which will help him, as he is learning to balance himself for walking.

He gets very excited with the feeling of independence on the horse - this is very stimulating for him. It has been a positive growing experience for Morgan, and we look forward to doing it again.

Morgan’s first session – just a slight lean!

Morgan’s most recent session – he is now trotting and LOVES it!

From Diana (Volunteer/Horse Owner)
I truly enjoyed my experience with the Therapeutic riding program, watching the students’ progress, their interaction with the horse and I believe my horse enjoyed and learned from them as well. This can only be a positive thing to happen in this valley. Looking forward to the next session!

Letter from the Haberstocks
July 19, 2005

To whom it may concern,

Please accept this as a letter of support for the therapeutic riding program in Creston BC. Just recently my son Alex, who is eleven years old and has Down Syndrome completed an eight-week riding session. During these sessions Alex was encouraged to work on building his inner core balance, choice making, and assisting him with communication skills.

We have started to see some improvements in Alex’s development. In our back yard we have a small balance beam, Alex was not able to walk along the beam and bend over to pick up an object from the ground without falling off. Recently, Alex has been able to achieve this task of picking up an object without falling off the beam. One of the most significant areas of improvement is Alex’s willingness to be around the horses. Before the riding program Alex would not even go near a large dog or a horse due to fear. Now he is willing to be around and rides the horses and enjoys patting Sarah the instructor’s dog all the time. I have also noticed that Alex is willing to pat the neighbor’s dog now.

We found the program to be very beneficial in Alex’s development. Through the riding program Alex’s confidence has increased, which he demonstrates while riding his horse.


Teresa/Tim Haberstock