CanTRA Member Centre


Michelle Whiteaway, Program Director / CanTRA Intermediate Instructor

Michelle has loved horses her whole life and discovered Therapeutic Riding when she became a volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding in Woodinville, WA in 2003.  Working with horses & riders while helping to develop the Therapeutic Riding Program is truly a dream job and the eleven years that she has spent with Therapeutic Riding in Creston has just flown by. “It’s absolutely wonderful what the Creston community has built for people who benefit from therapeutic riding. The consistent support from volunteers, instructors, local organizations and the whole community has made the program what it is today".  

Christine Ross, Head Instructor / CanTRA Coach, EC Competition Coach

Christine started riding at the age of 6 in England and has experience in most aspects of English riding. Christine's main focus within the therapeutic riding program is teaching therapeutic and para-equestrian riding, schooling the therapeutic riding horses and bringing educational opportunities to the program for instructors, volunteers, riders and caregivers.  She also acts as a mentor for candidates working towards CanTRA teaching qualifications.  Christine is the CanTRA Zone Representative for British Columbia and the Yukon and stays in touch with other CanTRA Therapeutic Riding Centres in the province.

Megan Juurlink, CanTRA Basic Instructor

Megan has been passionate about horses since a young age, owning horses and taking lessons.  Her chosen discipline is eventing where horse and rider compete in dressage, show jumping and cross country.  Megan started volunteering in 2015 to gain physical education credits for high school. We were delighted when Megan showed interest in training to be a certified CanTRA Basic Instructor, as Megan has a natural ability to connect with riders, especially the younger ones!   Megan successfully passed her CTRBI exam in July 2019!

Alyssa Eastman, CanTRA Basic Instructor in training

Alyssa has a high level of knowledge taking care of horses as she has 16 on her family farm, including a stallion, brood mares and young horses. Alyssa has experience starting young horses and developing them into wonderful riding partners. This experience definitely benefits the Therapeutic Riding Program as all of the therapy horses require ongoing training to be well schooled lesson horses! Alyssa is on the path towards certification as a CanTRA Basic Instructor and is demonstrating excellent connections with volunteers and her riding students as well as the horses. The program looks forward to continued mentoring of Alyssa during her journey to certification!