CanTRA Member Centre


Michelle Whiteaway, Program Director / CanTRA Intermediate Instructor

Michelle has loved horses her whole life and discovered Therapeutic Riding when she became a volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding in Woodinville, WA in 2003.  Working with horses & riders while helping to develop the Therapeutic Riding Program is truly a dream job and the eleven years that she has spent with Therapeutic Riding in Creston has just flown by. “It’s absolutely wonderful what the Creston community has built for people who benefit from therapeutic riding. The consistent support from volunteers, instructors, local organizations and the whole community has made the program what it is today".  

Christine Ross, Head Instructor / CanTRA Senior Instructor, EC Competition Coach

Christine started riding at the age of 6 in England and has experience in most aspects of English riding. Christine's main focus within the therapeutic riding program is teaching therapeutic and para-equestrian riding, schooling the therapeutic riding horses and bringing educational opportunities to the program for instructors, volunteers, riders and caregivers.  She also acts as a mentor for candidates working towards CanTRA teaching qualifications.  Christine is the CanTRA Zone Representative for British Columbia and the Yukon and stays in touch with other CanTRA Therapeutic Riding Centres in the province.

Avis Hutchinson, Instructor / CanTRA Basic Instructor

Avis started with the Therapeutic Riding Program as a volunteer after retiring to Creston from Alberta.  Before retiring she used to ride recreationally so getting involved with therapeutic riding seemed like a logical fit.  What she didn’t realize was how much of an impact it has on people’s lives!  After seeing the amazing benefits she decided to become a certified assistant instructor with the program and is enjoying every bit of it. Being around the horses, volunteers and especially watching the riders progress is truly a rewarding experience.  One of the things she loves best about the program is that when you combine horses and people the learning never stops and the goals never end.  Always gaining knowledge and striving higher, whether it’s a baby step or a big horse stride.  Growth is continual and people’s lives are enhanced!