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Meet the Horses

Where do our therapy horses come from?  Like everyone at therapeutic riding, each horse that comes to the program is a unique individual.  Physically, their size, shape, height, conformation all vary, but the physical characteristic they all share is soundness.  Every horse that works here must be able to reliably take on 8 riders per week, without any physical breakdowns.  No matter their age, it’s their temperament, personality and willingness to work with everyone else on our team that makes them invaluable.  We LOVE our horses!
Donations to help keep the horses well cared for are always appreciated!

Thanks to Tanya Symons for the photos.

Allie is a 7 year old Quarter Horse/Morgan cross mare.  She was bred and born in the Creston Valley and joined the Therapeutic Riding Program in 2016.  Allie was trained by one of our former Assistant Instructors, Shayla Leacock.  Shayla did a fabulous job as Allie is a joy to ride and handle!  Shayla did a lot of obstacle work and showmanship work with Allie which is all super training for therapy horses!  Thank you Shayla for steering Allie our way!



Caraigh is a 12 year old Quarter Horse on loan to the program by his owner Luanne Armstrong.  He grew up in Grand Forks and moved to the Creston Valley in 2012.  He has been with the program since the spring of 2013 and has gained a lot of confidence in himself since then. He’s a fun horse to ride and is very well behaved under saddle. He likes gentle affection and a soft touch from the folks he works with.  Caraigh was named by his owner Luanne Armstrong and it means rock in Gaelic.  He was so named because he is a sturdy, quiet horse that doesn’t seem bothered by much.  Caraigh is a half brother to our therapy horse Magnum.

Cupcake is an 11 year old Paint mare who has been working as a therapy horse since 2011. Cupcake is the ultimate therapy horse. Nothing fazes her! She’s a well built mare with a kissable nose and a super soft coat. Our instructors can focus 110% on their rider when they ride Cupcake, as she is so steady and kind. Cupcake does have a more sparkly side though. Once she has a rider who she knows can get up and go, she responds in kind!

Thanks so much to the Creston Valley Gleaners Society for sponsoring Cupcake!  


Emma is a 17 year old Quarter Horse/Suffolk Punch cross.  At 16.1HH she is the biggest and tallest member of our herd and with 7 years experience, our third most seasoned member of the therapy horse team.  Emma is probably the most honest horse that you will ever meet.  She does her very best to please the people in her life.  Her favourite thing to do with her riders is to proceed at a walk from a halt without being asked.  Although she’s the biggest horse in the herd, she is at the bottom of the pecking order!  It’s funny to watch her with the other horses as she tries to keep out of everybody’s way.   Want to know the fastest way to her heart?  Give her lots of belly rubs!

Thanks to the Creston Valley Rotary Club for sponsoring Emma!

Kit is a 17 year old 15.1HH Quarter horse cross lent to the program by Program Director, Michelle Whiteaway.  Kit started working as a therapy horse in 2006 at only 6 years old.  Kit, now with 11 years of experience, knows her job so well that she could do the mounting process all by herself.  She is incredibly responsive to voice aids, which is useful when riders are starting to ride independently.  One of her riders calls her Cadillac Kit!  Kit does tend to get extra special treatment, but she deserves it.  One look from Kit, with her big brown eyes, with the star on her forehead, under her little tuft of forelock, is enough to melt anyone’s heart.



Magnum is a 13 year old, 15.1HH Quarter Horse who joined the program in the spring of 2015.  Magnum won the hearts of everyone very early on as after two weeks in residence, he got very ill and could have died.  Thanks to the very quick action of the Creston Vet Clinic staff, his life was saved.  Magnum has been very successful as a therapy horse.  He is very nurturing, willing to please and takes really good care of his riders. Magnum can be trusted with the smallest child leading him around the arena from the ground.  He has a playful personality with people and horses but always take care not to hurt anyone.

Thanks to the Creston Valley Rotary Club for sponsoring Magnum!

Tahala came to Creston via the Cranbrook where her former owner trained her to ride quietly around and over obstacles.   Tahala is now very much enjoying her career as a nice and steady therapy horse! Tahala shares her pen with Windy.  This is a big deal because Windy has always been known as a bossy horse that prefers to live by herself.  No one was sure that they would get along.  But Tahala wouldn’t put up with any Windy’s dominance and now they are best friends. Tahala was purchased by the program in 2017 thanks in part to donations received at the Horse Council BC Community Talks presentation.    

Thanks to the BC Therapeutic Riding Association for sponsoring Tahala!

Peanut is an 18 year old purebred Morgan mare.  Peanut has a lovely forward moving walk that seriously exercises her riders core without them realizing it.  Peanut has the most gentle and kind disposition of all of our horses.  When Peanut is confronted with something that might spook an ordinary horse, she just simply stops in her tracks.  Peanut’s size, sturdiness and shock proofness makes her our first choice for riders who need horse handlers, sidewalkers and a fun, forward trail ride around the property.  Out in the field with the other horses, Peanut is the boss mare, holding her own very well with the rambunctious boy horses.

 Windy is a 23 year old purebred Morgan mare that stands 14.1 hands high and weighs approximately 850lbs.  She has been with the program since the spring of 2010 when her former owner, Lisa, realized that Windy would be happiest with a job to do.  Lisa was certainly right! Over the years, Windy has worked happily, delighting many riders, especially children.  Windy prefers to be up at the tack room instead of in her paddock so she doesn’t miss out on any attention and affection.  Windy is a very trustworthy horse to ride at the walk, but once she moves up to the trot and canter, she gets very enthusiastic, therefore earning the nickname Whizzy Windy!
Thanks so much to the Wloka Farms Fruit Stand families, staff and customers for sponsoring Windy!