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“More Than Just a Pony Ride,” therapeutic riding is a unique program that uses horses as therapists.  While learning riding and horsemastership skills, people with mental, emotional and/or physical disabilities gain a host of benefits.   Riders may participate for a variety of reasons:  rehabilitation, skill development, fun, recreation, and may even compete.  In order to meet each rider’s individual needs, their program is specifically designed for them.  Therapists, the instructor and the rider him/herself are involved in customizing a program.  

As a Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) full member centre, the CDSCL Therapeutic Riding Program offers riding lessons to folks of all ages and abilities during an 8 week spring session, a 5 week summer session and an 8 week fall session.

Therapeutic riding is a volunteer intensive activity some riders may need as many as 3 volunteers one to lead the horse and one on either side.  The program has been fortunate to have a number of very dedicated volunteers who have been essential to the success of this program.  If you would like to join this amazing team, please visit the Volunteering page for more information.  

Located at 849 Erickson St., the facility consists of a small fenced riding ring for safely conducting riding lessons, a 100 x 200 fenced riding arena, a covered tack up area, fenced paddocks for the horses and access to trail riding through orchards and around the Spectrum Farms property.

For more information on Therapeutic Riding or to make a donation to the program, contact Michelle Whiteaway at 250-428-2296 or e-mail at

Please visit our Application Forms page for rider and volunteer application forms.