Key Personnel and Committees


Phone 250-428-2296 
Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to Noon and 12:45 pm to 4:00 pm
205 7th Ave N., Creston, BC  V0B 1G0

Title Contact Email Address
Executive Director Mike Fitzpatrick
Operations Manager Rita Pugh
Finance Manager Karen Makortoff
Payroll/Benefits Administrator Kim Fennell
Administrative Assistant/Scheduling Annette Kirtzinger
Therapeutic Riding Program Director Michelle Whiteaway


Facilities Contact Phone Numbers Email
Personal Supports, 25th Avenue, 16th Ave Down Mary Gregory 250-428-2001
Orchard House, Orchard Apt, 16th Ave. Roger Smith 250-428-2718 or
Day Programs Paul Bourgeois 250-428-7467
or 250-428-1964
Supported Living,
Purcell Place
Dawn Embree 250-428-2958
Therapeutic Riding Program Michelle Whiteaway 250-402-6793
Cell: 250-402-3400


Department Phone Numbers
Maintenance 250-428-7467
In Case of Emergency 250-428-1964


Helen White (Chair) Todd Dixon
Richard Murray (Vice-Chair) Peter McIsaac
Joanna Wilson (Secretary/Treasurer) Colin Bunt
Alex Nilsson (Past-Chair) Mark Douglas
Rita Petrich Donna Maatz


Mike Fitzpatrick (Chair)
Mary Gregory
Roger Smith
Paul Bourgeois
Dawn Embree


Joint Occupational Safety & Health Committee (JOSH)

Mike Fitzpatrick (Co-Chair)
Natches Morris
Breanne Smith
Sheila Qualtieri  (Co-Chair)
Rita Pugh
Steve Plourde Paquette

Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC)

Mike Fitzpatrick (Chair)
Paul Bourgeois
Roger Smith
Richard Murray
Donna Maatz

Therapeutic Riding Program Steering Committee (TRPSC)

Michelle Whiteaway (Co-Chair)
Helen White (Co-Chair)
Christine Ross
Jennifer Huscroft
Luanne Armstrong

Executive/Management Committee (Standing Committee of the Board)

Helen White (Chair)
Mike Fitzpatrick
Alex Nilsson
Richard Murray

Policy Committee (Standing Committee of the Board)

Mike Fitzpatrick
Mary Gregory
Helen White
Richard Murray

Accreditation/Quality Assurance Committee

Mike Fitzpatrick
Mary Gregory (Chair)
Alex Nilsson
Colin Bunt
Rita Petrich
Leadership Team

Interview Committee

Mike Fitzpatrick (Chair)
2 Coordinators
1 union representative

EFAP Committee

Current inactive

Labour Management Committee (Required by Collective Agreement)

Mike Fitzpatrick
Richard Murray
2 union representatives

Client Advisory Committee

Mike Fitzpatrick
Todd Dixon

Rebekah Manor Steering Committee

Mike Fitzpatrick (Chair)
Rita Petrich
Colin Bunt

Employee and Volunteer Appreciation Committee

Michael Fitzpatrick
Colin Bunt
Richard Murray
Rita Petrich


Executives/Shop Stewards CUPE Local #4775

Paul Bourgeois (President)
Breanne Smith
Dawn Embree
Shell Sylvester
Hemi Kingi


Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:00pm

Administration Office 250-428-2296

Weekends, Nights and Evenings

Scheduling Phone 250-977-5660